Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Losing It

No matter how many arms wrap lovingly around me I still feel alone.
All last week my face hurt 
Not from smiling
From stress
From worry
The ever predators 
I know I am loved
I have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family members
Everything seems to be going so well....
A good job
Loving husband
A house
The cat
All the things I dreamed of
So what is this terror?
I seem to stand always on the brink
The feeders in the shadows slip under my doorframe 
Sucking at my happiness
The image in the mirror
For me to fail 
To fall
For all of it to disappear
For me to wake up and be that scared little girl again
No friends
No talent
Always scared
Hated for being different
Snippets of their comments float to the surface
"You can't have everything"
"You are a reasonable girl, you know you'll never be famous"
Or worth anything?
I wonder....
"Spoiled little bitch" he said
Funny thing is I worked for it
All of it
None of the things have came easily to me
Or were handed to me
But nobody sees it that way
They don't know me or my past
I am not practical
Well grounded
Or any of the things they think I am
I am a dreamer
Song writer
All the things the world would collapse without 
Yet refuse to value today
They value us when it is too late
Maybe if I hadn't tried so hard I would not fear losing it all. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Just I.

 So many were trying just to survive. 
I wanted to thrive. 
Take this world by a storm. 
I knew I could but I had no plan.
 No savings. 
No financial bearings. 
I entered this world. 
A new beginning. 
Not understanding I stepped out into this chaos called reality.

So many were trying to find food. 
While We ate Our fill and spoke of ways to lose the calories.
 To the extent that TV shows existed which focused on who can lose the most weight. 
While We gained weight watching the shows. 
We worried about bikini bodies and jean sizes while they starved. 
Paid out money for weight loss surgery.
But had nothing to give the poor.

So many needed shelter. 
A home to keep their children safe. 
I would walk into a strangers home and be surrounded by wealth. 
Their designer clothing. 
Their designer friends. 
Their designer food.
And I wondered if maybe they had room in their vacation home for those who needed shelter. 
Probably not.

So many needed basic human rights. 
While We screamed about sexism in the work place. 
And who reserves the right to decide if a woman kills her child? 
And do we really think it is fair to be punished for our crimes?
Even when We know We are guilty.
While They were beat in the streets. 
Nobody blinked.

So many were under the communistic thumb. 
While Our freedom started to drain.
We rushed to hand over our rights to arms. 
Pretending We knew what We were doing. 
Pretending the bad guys don't get the guns.
We will be safer this way.
That's what We said.
We forgot how to think for ourselves.
To understand the consequences of Our actions.
We let history repeat itself.

So it was that I came to realize. 
I am not part of We. 
I am just I.
 Still coming out of the womb screaming and kicking into a mess of idiots and contradictions. 
I know that a new We can exist.
I hope I find you somewhere in this storm.
And we can start the new We.
A new world.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Butter Please

Just the butter
I don't bother with syrup
I used to out of habit
A little syrup and a lot of butter
Why bother?
Let's face it I am in it for the butter
Now my love he only wants the syrup
I feel like this is a sign
Perhaps this is proof that opposites attract
So do similarities though
Two extremists after all
My cat, Sorin, plays the sneak game with me
I'm sure you know it
I turn my head he gets closer
I look at him he is frozen
He plays it well
But today it made me wonder if this is the greatest metaphor for life
When you're not looking
It comes for you
They say I'm young,"life hasn't hit me yet"
Makes me wonder what I am living right now if it isn't life
Also when will it hit?
When I'm not looking?
Sneak up on me with claws sharp
If I turn will I be able to stop it?
Cats are great teachers
Philosophers if you would
I look at Sorin and tell him 'life hasn't hit you yet"
He barely looks up
He isn't worried
We both know it's a lie
I found him on the streets
Life has hit us all
Whether the outsiders accept it or not
Maybe I should have added a little syrup for their sake
Next time I will
It is hard to accept the idea of just butter

Hear No Evil........

Whispered secrets
Vows to keep
Your silence honored
Forever my friend

October Again

I visited you for possibly the last time
Every time I walk out the doors I wonder
Life has taken it's share
Maybe that was humanity's deal with the devil
Let us live here and when we grow old earth and demons can take their revenge on our bodies
I doubt it
This is not Satan's domain
No demon is taking you
I remember in October we talked about death
You told me you were nearly 80 and had lived a long life
You still don't want to die
It is hard to think that soon you will be gone
It is unavoidable
No person can stop the end of the path if you stop walking it comes to you
Still I wish there was a way
I don't want to be standing next to my father as he buries yet another brother
I want to be standing beside both of you as you talk about buried treasure and dig in the soil with tools
But the time has passed for those things
Now we set on couches and talk about the past
And I dread when I will no longer drive to this house because your chair will be empty
Like it is October all over again I cry
Because there is nothing else I can do
My hope for you is that when you reach the end of the path it is beautiful
Hopefully we will meet there someday and catch up on all the years we lost
When you were just a stranger to me with beautiful blue eyes
Until then I pray that the last of your days are warm and loving
And always that I get to see you one last time before the path ends

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Even when I am alone I am not
Outside forces whisper urgently
Others' energies
And what am I to do
I control everything and nothing
I run in circles
Effecting others' lives
Not my own
The wind knocks on my door
I dare not let it in for I am near hysteria
And the last thing I need is swept away
Everything past 4:17pm has gone to hell
And I have no solutions
Or energy
I will go to them 
My fellow artists
Perhaps something good can still come of this night
I look like hell but I will go anyway
Like I said I would
Maybe I should start saying no
I will bring my paints and a mug
Maybe answers will be waiting
Sleep is a sweet elixir
But too often I over indulge 
Not tonight
From this night color will arise
For tired as I am
Emotions run high

Hold On

I have been sifting through some old writings from my senior year of college.
As I have gone through them I realize I have blocked out the pain and confusion that I though would never end. It ended. And my life has evolved into something much better than I had ever thought possible back then. Still it hurt to be reminded....but at the same time gave me perspective.
Why do I mention this? Because there are many people who are struggling at the moment and although it might look hopeless I want you to hold on. Selfish of me I know....but hear me out....As you go through the bad times I want you to remember a better time and place your self there. Focus on the good. Move away from the darkness. If that good was a friend, a song, a place, or a movie (it could be anything) remember it with joy and then move on to create other happy moments, even if they are small.
 Write the bad out of your heart apparently that is what I did senior year and I hope that you can do the same. It does get better. Whether it is circumstance or just your attitude or your ability to handle disaster! You come out of the storm a fighter. No my life is not "perfect" I don't even know what that means. But I am happy to be alive and to have the opportunity to spend time with all of you and if I have not met you than to meet you. Keep going, keep fighting and remember that I love you.